What is Hab Shifa?

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What is Hab Shifa?

For over three thousand years, peoples on the Mediterranean region, the Middle East, and Asia have utilized the health bounty provided by black seeds. Even today in countries like Morocco, Greece, and other areas, people still buy black seeds by the kilo to maintain health and well-being. Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine, called them “Melanthion”. He and many others suggested their use in treating colds, while the Roman physician Galen explored their application for a variety of respiratory ailments.

The Islamic world also valued black seeds tremendously. One of their ancient texts claimed that black seeds cured everything except death. The Book of Isaiah also describes the healing properties of what ancient Jewish physicians called “black cumin.”

You Immune System is your Foundation of your Health. Therefore, any food that has the capability to make your body much stronger and resistant to germs and diseases is considered a superfood.

Hab Shifa proudly brings this superfood with thousands of years of tradition across hundreds of different cultures to your table and medicine cabinet. Nigella sativa seeds contain over 100 different active ingredients that can boost health and well being, whether taken on its own as a supplement or as an added ingredient to salads, health shakes, or other foods. Some cultures grind up the seeds to create flour for making bread, and they can certainly add taste, texture, and health benefits when added to any homemade bread dough. Nigella seeds also add antioxidants, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids for a healthier diet.

Hab Shifa has almost a decade of experience working with black seed and Nigella Sativa oil products. Hab Shifa is an all-natural product as they are non-GMO and organic certified. Customers from Australia, the United States, Middle East, Malaysia, and Europe have realized the benefits of Hab Shifa products, and regularly seek the health advantages of black seed and other Nigella Sativa products. Hab Shifa takes pride in bringing some of the best all-natural, Australian-made health care solutions to markets around the world.

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